Combined superstructure with sludge dewatering technology.
Sinz Dewatering

Sinz Control Panel

with telematics

Suction power

4200 m³ / h

Arm reach / lift

4m / 70°

Cost savings

up to 90%

Sludge processing capacity

200 m³ / day


First mobile sludge dewatering system with combined superstructure possibilities.

DEWATERING is equipped with a polymer dosing system and subsequent sludge filtration. Thanks to the unique stainless steel filters it can be used for sewer cleaning and waste transport too.
Automated filter flushing and high capacity allows for great productivity. DEWATERING also includes full combined superstructure equipment such as hydraulic arm, high performance suction and high pressure water cleaning and intuitive controls. With SINZ DEWATERING you can do more!

Sinz Dewatering


Sludge dewatering:
Up to 200 m³/day and dry mass up to 12%.
Optionally up to 4 200 m³/h.
High pressure water:
Optionally up to 205 Bar and 351 l/min.
Arm reach:
4 m; swiveling o 180°; lift 40°; lowering 30°
Sludge tank:
up to 12 m³
Water tank:
up to 3 m³
Sludge filtration:
Automated system using recycled water from sludge dewatering.
Filter flushing:
Made of stainless steel with an area of 27 m².
Control panel:
Intuitive with touch color screen, robust hardware features, backlight and clear description.
Easy to navigate user interface with integrated diagnostics, backup virtual control panel and user setting.
Radio remote control:
Includes all control futures of the main panel, proportional joysticks and display showing operational values.
Storage space:
Large storage capacity on the left and right side of the vehicle. Main space has doors with key locks. More storage space is available above the main cabinets in the form of open boxes. Integrated tools holders.
Pressure hose reel:
The reel is separated from the hydraulic arm so it does not limit its movement range. It has an automatic hose tracker. The reel has a large pulling force thanks to the worm drive.
Hose measurement:
Reliable system of pressure hose distance measurement with automatic stop function. The system allows the operator to preset at which position of the cleaning head in the sewer should the reel be stopped.


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Sinz DewateringSinz DewateringSinz DewateringSinz DewateringSinz DewateringSinz DewateringSinz Dewatering

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From welding, laser cutting, pressing, thru design and installation of hydraulics, electrical installation and our own software development. We build on our own know-how which allows us to get maximum from each system and create a harmony of systems.

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