Kombi model 4

Kombi model 4

  • High level water recycling.
  • Extremely powerful high pressure water pump.
  • Huge suction power.

Our combined sewer cleaning vehicles are one of the few on the market that can provide high output power of high pressure water pump, vacuum pump and water recycling system simultaneously.

Optimized stages of the recycling system provide high performance while keeping the system simple and easy to maintain.

KOMBI MODEL 4 is the result of more than 40 years of experience with sewer cleaning vehicles production.

Extreme output power will allow you to clean sewers up to 2000mm in diameter a suck from depths up to 18m.  At the same time you can clean the small diameters like 100mm.  Thanks to special configuration of the chassis KOMBI MODEL 4 will surprise you with its maneuverability while providing huge tank capacity.

To even more widen the usage of water recycling system we now offer a special polymer addition system. Special polymer substance acts as a bonding agent in the waste tank and allows recycling system to operate even with otherwise impossible waste materials.

Intelligent and easy to use control system will provide work safety and efficiency via easy, precise manipulation.

Basic technical details:

  • Suction output up to 4200 m3/h.
  • High pressure water pump: 205 Bar / 468l/min
  • High level water recycling system.
  • Intelligent control system with graphical display output.
  • Suction hose cassette.
  • Remote controlled suction boom.
  • 180° rotation of pressure hose winch.
  • Smooth winch speed regulation.
  • Remote control.
  • Continuous suction output control.
  • Continuous high pressure pump control.
  • Hydraulic vibrator for improved tipping.
  • Possibility of ADR certification. And much more …


Kombi model 4
Kombi model 4
Kombi model 4
Kombi model 4
Kombi model 4
Kombi model 4

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