We are SINZ

We make suction 
and cleaning machines

Innovative technology and high variability of products for technical and ecological services.
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Our models

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Benefits of our machines

High productivity thanks to high performance, intuitive control panel with modern user interface and telematics. Precise manipulation of hydraulic arm with above-standard range of motion.

Sinz Control Panel

with telematics

Water saving

up to 90%

Cost savings

up to 90%

Oiled water processing capacity

up to 160 m³ / day

Arm reach / lift

4m / 70°

Sludge processing capacity

up to 200 m³ / day

Suction and cleaning machines manufacturing for more than 40 years.

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Proven technologies 
with top performance

History of SINZ manufacturing began in the 1950s. We combine a mature technological basis with modern electronics which allows us to get maximum out of our machines. User friendly and intuitive controls with precise handling allows the operators to achieve maximum productivity.



Among our customers are family companies as well as international corporations.

We build on our own technology and know-how!

From welding, laser cutting, pressing, thru design and installation of hydraulics, electrical installation and our own software development. We build on our own know-how which allows us to get maximum from each system and create a harmony of systems.

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Manufacturing and products sample gallery

Get the sneak peek under the hood of our manufacturing. For those interested we offer personal tours in our factory.